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Classic Coup in the News!

In February Her Magazine there is a feature on Classic Coup! When i was home for Christmas they did the photo shoot in the Nashville Public Library- one of my favorite buildings in Nashville. You can read the article HERE. You can buy one of our awesome shirts HERE.

The photos are of Me and Cindy McCain- the brains behind the operation... :)
The ultimate goal, McCain says, is “to make the most of the time that we’re here. The whole purpose of reading the classics is not just to entertain you with a good story — though that’s great — but it works out your brain, it’s critical thinking, and you’ll find that it relates to your world. As human beings, we are the same as we were back then. Times change, but what really matters to us, our struggles and our joys, stays the same.” And unlike in Catherine and Heathcliff’s time, we can now wear our hearts on a T-shirt.
Excerpt from the Article.

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