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Heart Attack at work!

No, no one had a potentially life threatening problem, but there was a heart attack at Matt's work. And yes the kind where paper hearts are plastered all over the room :). Matt has been out of town for the last FIVE days and so i came up with the idea to deliver his Valentines surprises the day he got home. TODAY! Last night he got home late and mentioned that he might not go into work today- which meant i had to give up some of the surprise by telling him he HAD to go to work today, that there was something waiting for him. Well when he arrived to the office this morning this is what greeted him.... The best part is that there is a mystery inside the hearts...

In this note on his desk it tells him that behind 50 of the hearts are written reasons that i love him, and behind a few more of the heart are letters. The letters come together to form two words, which are a clue to where he will be going today- it is an item that he will need to bring with him- at 5:00 when i pick him up! Oh the suspense. The clue was Water Bottle. hmmm... what could we be doing?? tune in tomorrow to find out!

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