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HomeMade Ricotta

A few weeks ago i received my January issue of Bon Appetit and like usual flipped through all the recipes to see what i wanted to make. I was intrigued by their article on how to make your own Fresh Ricotta Cheese, so i tried it. They also had a recipe that went with it- you turn the fresh Ricotta into Gnocchi.
I thought the process of making the cheese was suprisingly easy, however i felt it very wasteful. It takes half a gallon of milk, but once you get all the curds the milk will produce you are left with more than half of the boiled milk still left. I guess to decide if it's really worth it i need to look at the price of ricotta and milk and see how they compare.
Also to make the full recipe of the gnocchi you need to DOUBLE the ricotta recipe- instead of using a gallon of milk i just halved the recipe for the gnocchi- and it was just enough for two people. We really liked the gnocchi, the sauce was really mushroomy, we probably wouldn't eat it again, but i am going to try making the gnocchi with store bought ricotta next time and see how it goes, because it was delicious!
The Recipe for the Ricotta is HERE and the Gnocchi HERE

You have to line a colander with cheesecloth...
And then once the boiling milk & lemon juice produces curds you scoop them into the cheescloth
Mixing the ingredients for the gnocchi...
rolling it out into little pastas..
Also this whole process took FOREVER, since you have to put it in the fridge after EVERY step it seemed like, i started at noon that day!

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