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i heart feb 14th

So i have a lot to blog about, but currently i am doing everything i can to not move or mostly not to swallow. I have had a slight sore throat for the past few days but i woke up at 6am this morning with a serious soar throat/ear ache. UG.
However, we had a really fun weekend and i have lots of photos on our good camera, but for now i'll make due with what i could email myself from my phone :). On Friday i had my fabulous find- Mark Taylor, the wood worker who cut our counter tops for us, deliver and install my new crown molding shelves in the living room. they are gorgeous and i will get photos up soon. Then Saturday morning i took my first digital photo class, where i even learned something on the first day! Saturday afternoon we painted the shelves and decided that we needed to make an ottoman/coffee table and ran to home depot to buy the supplies, the room is really coming together. Oh and i almost forgot that my amazing Mr. surprised me with a REALLY cool lamp from Pottery Barn.. again pics soon to come :)
Saturday night we went to Bluestem for dinner. AMAZING. it was SO delicious! def a special event place, but well worth it. i love creative food. we didn't take any photos because it was too dark, but our plates were very photo worthy. you can go to their website HERE.
After dinner we rushed over to the KCREP to see around the world in 80 days! it was Fabulous! so entertaining and exciting. i would totally recommend it to everyone but the last show was on Valentines day. But seriously all the shows are fabulous at the rep and if you or your husband is a student you can get discount tickets!
On Sunday after church i cooked dinner, and took the special day to break out the china. I made chocolate souffle for dessert and since there were four we took them over to Kim & Jesse's to enjoy. i don't think i cooked them quite long enough because they turned out to be almost pudding texture, but still good. I'll jut have to learn for next time. I was just happy that they kept the shape from my heart dishes :)

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