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Julian, Brookside KC

I have been meaning to make this post since December- but it just totally slipt by. Before we left for Nashville for Christmas Matt and i went out to a new local restaurant for our own little Christmas celebration. We decided on Julian, a new restaurant in the Brookside neighborhood. I was really excited to go because of all the buzz surrounding the place since it opened not too long ago, and the fact that i follow their tweets helped a lot also. The chef/owner always tweets about their specials and they alwasy sound OH so TASTY. :) Over all we liked our food, i ordered the wrong meal, unfortuneatly. I want to go back to try the sweet potato dish that sounded mouth-watering, that i should have ordered. We will be going back for sure.

Brookside is a really cute area, and after dinner you can head over to the Roastarie Cafe, locally brewed coffee (they are the company who i get all my sacks from) and if you are like me and a non-coffee drinker, they make their hot chocolate with shatto chocolate milk- it was so rich and wonderful. They also sell Christopher Elbow chocolates, which are heaven.
My pasta dish, which was good, just not outstanding.
and Matt's dish ( i don't remember exactly what it was, but it was SO good)
The Roastarie Cafe

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