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La Cucina De Mama, Brookside Kansas City

Every city needs a good Italian restaurant. When I was going to college I had two places that Iloved. Sienna in Providence and Giacomo's in Boston. They are both to die for. Giacomo's is one of those teenie little restaurants with the exposed kitchen in the back. They don't take reservations so you have to wait in line outside to be seated- and even when it's a new england winter, you wait. It's that good. It's in the North End of Boston which is this adorable Italian district that runs along Hanover street, and Mike's pastry is always our last stop of the evening for a cannoli. Last time I was in New York I also had Giacomo's level Italian with a friend at another little place in the village, but I seriously never thought I would have amazing authentic Italian food outside of the east coast.

Well Ladies and Gentleman I was wrong! La Cucina De Mama in Brookside (just south of the plaza) is by far the best Italian food in Kansas City, if not the mid-west. All I can say is DELICIOUS. and GO TRY IT. I love that it's small and cute (only 24 can be seated), and even more quaint is their little Italian grocery section connected. But seriously this food is mouth-watering good, and at the same price it would cost to go to Olive Garden it's my favorite meal in Kansas City so far. Kudos to you Cucina, we love you.

Here are some iphone images of our delicious dinner
Matt had meat filled tortellini in a cream sauce with proscuitto and peas
and I had a bow tie pasta with pureed eggplant and sundried tomato cream sauce.

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