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Love These Girls!

I forgot to post these photos that were taken during our Christmas visit in Nashville, probably because they were on my phone. Our family is predominately girls- my brother is the only boy in our generation- and we always have fun together. Since my aunt, uncle & 2 cousins have always lived 10 minutes away we have grown up together, which i think is a really cool experience. From babysitting them during the summer to now watching their high school basketball games and eating dinner every Sunday at my Grandmothers house who also only lives a few minutes away. I am the oldest by a lot but now that these girls are in high school its even more fun than it used to be. I am working on Alex's prom dress and i made Dani a dress last year. My sister Hollyanne is the youngest and now Alex & Dani return the babysitting i did for them to her, together we always have fun. Here's to family :)Dani, Me, Alex, Hollyanne
Alex & Hollyanne

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