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perfect citrus dessert

All my hopes of spring were dashed today as I woke up to multiple inches of snow. (I haven't even checked the forecast to see exactly how many inches fell, and I really don't want to know, it's just depressing). And to my dismay when I was checking facebook and realized that a lot of people in Nashville's status' included outdoor activities- one person was fishing, another doing yard work- what in the world?! well I checked my hometown's weather and it was 63 Degrees there today!! I texted my dad that this was so not fair, and he responded that it was actually 68!!! again I say SO UNFAIR. Here in the arctic it was so icy and snowy that church was cancelled, and it snowed all day- seriously. In my effort to bring some type of warmth to this oh so icy day I pulled out a recipe from my February Bon Appetit. I made this cream tart with oranges, honey, and toasted-almond crust. It was the perfect dessert. Light with just an hint of citrus and the almond crust was like a cookie. I highly recommend it. You can see the recipe HERE.

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