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Pretty sure i NEED this coat

1st off i NEED for winter to end. (really i just need to move to Arizona) but I'm keeping my chin up because i have this crazy hope that once March hits it will be 50 degrees everyday- i know wishful thinking. But yesterday it was SO nice, sure it didn't get over 42 degrees, but it was SUNNY and just warm enough for me to do my first run of the year, which by the way was a little pathetic, but still felt good. I also received my March issue of Real Simple in the mailbox which is always a good day- and i opened to find this coat in a Target Ad. I really think i NEED it. with my cute red hunter boots nothing would look better- right?! (lets just not tell my husband that i already have 2 yellow rain coats in my closet)

I've also been shopping for my annual Sandals & Swimsuit. I don't really do a ton of shopping these days- it seems that i spend any "spending" money on items for our house, however i really like to buy a new pair of everyday but fun sandals and a new swimsuit in prep for the spring & summer ahead, and i usually get the from the Victorias Secret catalog. However these first three vintage inspired suits are from anthropologie. I keep going back to the black & white dice print. I guess i'll make a decision soon enough...

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