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So Much Sweet.

I'm feeling a little bit better today, still not one hundred percent but hopefully tomorrow i will have enough energy to be productive. The one good thing about being sick is that i have been successfully listing and selling things on craigslist. I'm really excited that our old Pioneer surround sound is finally sold- i have been listing that thing since September! and i made a big decision- i sold all my dishes. I had cobalt blue fiesta ware. they are great dishes, but seriously i have never been THAT excited about them. they were just ok, and now i am on to buy really cute white square dishes from CB2. You can see the set HERE. I am so excited! and not to mention that white is the best to take photos of food on. yay :)

So as i promised here are some photos from our VDay Dinner, and a few extras. As i was setting the table i realized A. i need more table cloths because i love table linens
& B. i need to use my China more, because it's just so pretty! oh and i also realized that i really want the matching formal silver ware, but lets not get ahead of ourselves...

I made a roasted top round steak stuffed with a cashew mixture and roasted along side pearl onions & shallots. The side dish was parmesan roasted asparagus.

And of course, our favorite thing about fancy dinners. CHEESE!

A little sneak peak of my new shelves. They are painted white now and have cute things on them, but i can't put up a picture until we finish the ottoman- and i had to special order the fabric because JoAnn was out of it, so it might be a little while. If you look closely at the top picture you can kind of cheat and see the shelves a little bit. :)

And a new Green Bean Bag! It's our new mini market tote. It's smaller than it looks, but big enough to carry what you need. I'll have plenty at the city market starting this spring!

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