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Book Review: The Help

I thoroughly enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I'm usually not one to stay up past 11pm, i know i'm such a grandma, but i like my sleep. Well after reading for the two hour plane trip from Nashville to Kansas City on Friday i just couldn't put it down and when we got home from dinner i opted to stay up until 1 am and finish it rather than catching up on my TV via the DVR.

It's set in Jackson Mississippi during the early 60's, a time when civil rights were on everyone's minds, well everyone except the white women of Jackson. Stockett gives us wonderful characters and perfect antagonists. She shows us truth as it was and begs the questions how could it have been so. The Help's central figure Skeeter Phelan has become one of my favorite characters and i'd like to think that if i had been alive then i would have been as strong as her. If you'd like to sit down for an engaging 450 pages, i highly recommend The Help.

Oh and stay tuned for my Oscar update tomorrow. i am SO happy Sandra won!!

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