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A Day a the Dairy Farm

You can tell i'm super busy when there are no new posts for 4 days! AH! i'm so sorry. All i can say is that the dress i'm working on with a 7 layer skirt just might be enough to drive me to drink. 40 yards of fabric and over 70 feet of hemming to do. yes i am crazy. But it's going to be one fabulous wedding gown! I'll have some pictures for you this weekend.

On another note my dad, step-mom & sister were here this weekend and we did all kinds of fun things. We rode indoor race carts, went shopping and ate good food. Matt & I took them to the Shatto Milk farm up in Obsorn Missouri. We are Shatto loyalists- we only drink their milk (comes in a wonderful glass bottle) and i love their butter also. They also recently started making artisinal cheeses and they are exceptional. Shatto offers tours Tuesday thru Saturday at 10:30 am and it's SO worth the visit, the owner LeRoy Shatto even gives the tour! Here are some photos from the fun day at the dairy farm :)

Baby Cows :) only a few days old!
Bottling/Pasteurizing facility

Aging room for the cheeses
Matty & Me

Cows ready to be milked

More baby cows :)

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