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{i love decorating}

You may remember my problem wall from this post. Well the ebay- pottery barn lookalike - shelves came in and i am in love. They fill up the wall so much better and give the room a more open feel. I still need to get cute little baskets for the bottom shelves and something cute for the top. I am also thinking about getting some really chunky black square frames to mount on the wall above each shelf. What do you think?

btw the paint is the same green it's always been. It's just cloudy today so indoor photography is not so nice to colors. :)
Also to the disappointment of my husband we painted last Saturday. We finished out the first floor hallway with the same green as the living room, it gives the main floor a much better flow. The whole reason we painted was because i decided i wanted to do a gallery wall in the entry and didin't want to hang it all up before it was the right color :). I still need to get some cute B&W photos in the frames but here is a sneak peek of how it looks.
Also we painted the guest bedroom. It needs some more work- i.e curtains, bedside table, etc before i post it, but stay tuned! :)

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