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If Indiana Jones needed a bag...

If Indiana Jones needed a bag he would buy one of these...
I am in LOVE with these bags from Saddleback Leather. I just spent the last 20 minutes reading all about this amazing small business on their website and they are so awesome. The company is a family operation created by Dave Munson, and the story of how he started it is worth the 5 minute read. All the products they offer come with a 100 year warranty! A quote on their website reads:
"They'll fight over it when you're dead!".
Although they are pricey, with that kind of warranty and top notch quality, it would be worth the money if you decide to splurge. They are not sold in any stores, just on their website which you can view HERE. oh, and if you love the K9 variety be sure to read his adorable story about his beloved companion Blue.

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