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Problem Wall

I thought i was done decorating my living room. i am really happy with the way it turned out, however there is one wall that you can't see in my pictures (the wall the couch faces), and now that everything is done so well the lack of decor on that side of the room started bugging me.

The whole design problem stems from the fact that i bought a cute bookshelf/hutch BUT it's too small for the wall. It's bugged me a little bit since we painted it and put it in it's place, but i thought i could ignore it. well yesterday i decided i couldn't. I know picky me. The biggest problem is that i knew EXACTLY what i wanted to fill the wall, why is that a problem, well because what i want is from pottery barn. So i got on the website and found them (photo below) and yes i need all three to fill up the wall the way i wanted. Well they are $299 EACH and after i went through the checkout to see how much shipping would be it totaled to $1200!!

I would have to say my home decor money for many many months to get them, so i did what all budget shoppers do- googled it. And to my pleasant surprise i found IDENTICAL shelves on ebay for only $179 including shipping! After listing this existing shelf on craigslist and getting lots of interest to buy i decided to order the ebay ones!
I can hardly wait to get them on that wall! yay!

My Problem Wall:

New shelves that will replace above Hutch. This is the pottery barn picture, not the exact ones i'm getting but super close. to see the actual ones i'm getting click HERE. they still have 4 left.

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