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Sunday Sweets

Right now i'm feeling like i just need to take a breath. a big deep breath. My family is in town (not why i need to take a breath) and i thought i only had a few hours left on a dress i'm working on, so i went down to the studio this evening to finish it, only to realize i needed to make some major changes to make it look the way it's supposed to. Which means that i need some major time. Which means i changed all my plans around and bought a last minute airplane ticket. It's going to be a beautiful dress, but i'm realizing how happy i am that this is my last bride for a while. I stress myself out a little too much. again {Big Deep Breath}

On another note i made this scrumptious dessert tonight. It was from bon appetit, and is supposed to be frozen overnight but i did it in one day and it turned out fine. I have realized that i for the past several weeks i have been making fancy desserts on Sundays- and i plan to keep it going. So get ready for Sunday sweets weekly :)

Turtle Ice Cream Pie
{everyone thought it was delish! click HERE to see the recipe}

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