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Target Finds

Yesterday morning i was still in bed reading and all of the sudden i heard a very loud "chirp" then a few moments later it happened again. At first the paranoid me started thinking that someone was in my house with some type of beeping device and then after walking around my second floor a few times i realized it was the smoke alarms. Not being able to distinguish which of the 3 smoke alarms was so annoyingly yelling at me i just took the batteries out of all three. Well did you know that taking the batteries out does not shut the blasted things off. After that i lasted just long enough to take a shower and get ready and get my butt out the door to target to get new batteries.

Well, target can be a dangerous place. In my head i thought that i would go swimsuit shopping since the day before in the Sunday paper they advertised $14 sale for all their swim separates. I started picking out swimsuits and on my way back to the dressing rooms i kept picking up cute dresses and a few other items, i'm going to the dressing room i might as well...

30 minutes later i came out with no swimsuit and the below two items that i just adore! The white boyfriend jacket is going to be perfect in the next few spring months with some bright colors/prints underneath and i am in love with the black dress. The dress is going to be a great summer staple for weddings & church. I haven't been shopping a lot lately so i decided to share :)

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