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Agritopia, more like Utopia

While i was in Arizona we did a lot of looking around at neighborhoods and homes. A lot of dreaming is what it all boiled down to. However, i was a little disappointed to find out that almost every single house in the phoenix area is no more than 10 feet from their neighbor, something that we southerner's are completely unfamiliar with. Driving around is seriously felt like i could reach out one window and borrow an egg from the neighbor without ever leaving the comfort of my home. i know exaggeration, but seriously it wouldn't have been so surprising if EVERY single neighborhood wasn't like that. I was a little disappointed considering i do plan to live there one day, and lets not even get started on the fact that every home looks like the exact same adobe/stuco southwestern abode. All in all, slightly disappointing. And then it happened, we went to agritopia. This planned community is seriously a fresh cool breeze in a 100 degree desert summer. Not only are the houses not the normal stuco but there are many cottage style a la 'The Truman Show' and i am in love. It's decided I need to live here. and here is why...

1. they have their own farmers market at the front of the community
2. Chic logo for the neighborhood.
3. Comes with coffee shop with cute cupcakes and a most fabulous restaurant.
4. Roses seem to grow rampant

5. and Joe (of Joe's farm grill) grows all his produce for the restaurant right on site. And we hear that if you live in agritopia you can somehow have some of the produce for your family.
6. a FABULOUS restaurant just a short walk from your front door.
7. And the most important thing, the houses are CUTE! still a little crammed in, but i think i can make it work :)

Of the street i walked on this blue one is my favorite. Can i move tomorrow?

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