Bloom Bakery in the City Market - Handmade in the Heartland

Bloom Bakery in the City Market

There is a new bakery in town and i am a big fan. Bloom Bakery just opened up in the city market in the spot where succotash used to be. Succotash, one of my favorite kc lunch spots has moved and will be sorely missed on those Saturdays when i am sweltering under my little tent selling bags. However i couldn't be happier about bloom. SUCH a cute name & shop and i just adore the fact that they make everything on site! i had a croissant and it was just delicious. My mom and i split an hummingbird cupcake and it was delectable. You must try bloom out next time your shopping for produce at the city market. i love their slogan-
{"the best flour in town"}

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