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An Explosive new Musical!

Last night we went to the last show of the season for the KC Rep and I thought it was a brilliant production. It has been a fantastic season at the rep, we have been so entertained at 4 out of the 6 shows and are planning to renew our "flex" pass for next season. For me Venice was amazing. It was a serious dramatic musical based loosely on Othello, I sat the entire 2 hours completely engaged and enamored. The acting was fantastic- as we were walking out I mentioned to Matt that I think we heard some American Idol worthy voices on the stage tonight. I thought it was a brilliant score with very moving lyrics and i wanted to buy the CD the minute I walked out of the show. Unfortunetly they hadn't been recorded yet. To get a feeling of what this show is like I would say that it's like Rent meets Shakespeare meets Hip Hop, i even felt like we were watching Mary J when the character Hailey Daisy was performing.

One of the most fabulous things about Venice is that we were seeing it's first production ever. I understand that simultaneously another production is happening in L.A but here in Kansas City we had the great blessing of having both the playwrights present, and one of them in the lead role! Eric Rosen who is the creative director at the Rep and has brought so many wonderful performances to the stage since he started in 2007 wrote Venice with Matt Sax, whose performance as the lead "Clown MC" was fantastic. Upon leaving the theater I told Matt (my husband) that the clown MC had been my favorite character and not until this afternoon when I was reading about Venice in the paper did I realize that he was actually the co-writer. I love that Kansas City's theater is an incubator for these amazing talents and that we were the first to witness what is sure to be an acclaimed national musical. Who says you have to be in New York to see amazing theater?!
If you live in KC you can still see the play! It runs through May 7th- and if you are a student tickets are cheap. I URGE you to go!

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