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In the beginning

In the beginning there was a seed. The great thing about seeds is the fact that when you look at that tiny little tidbit you never really expect that it's actually going to grow into something fabulous. Well my seeds have sprouted and it makes me so excited! okay so most of these plants i didn't actually sprout from seeds myself- i bought starter plants at the farmers market, but i did start some seeds. The above lettuce grows noticeably everyday and i have eaten 2 salads from it's leaves. This year i decided to just do herbs, lettuce & cherry tomatoes. Here is how it's going...

purple basil
Rosemary and Thyme
Mesclun Lettuce started from seeds
Pineapple Sage
a few weeks ago when my mom came into town she helped me plant all my herbs that we bought at the farmers market and she bought us a housewarming present, this awesome love seat for the deck. It's so comfy and i love sitting out on the deck and reading, such a nice change from our apartment deck that was right next to the interstate and SO loud- if only my deck was a tad bit bigger... :) but lets not complain.

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