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Spring Green

Spring Vegetables are here and last weekend at the city market i bought extra spinach and asparagus to freeze. I made a goal this year to buy extra of whatever is in season every Saturday and preserve a batch by either canning or freezing so that this coming fall and winter we will have plenty of local produce to eat. So now that you know how my Saturday mornings are going to be spent this summer here are a few pictures of the process...
I decided to freeze my spinach in the same way that you buy it at the store- chopped. This way its great for soups, spinach dip, etc. I chopped it all up and put the stalks in a separate bowl and later i put them in the food processor and fed them to my composting worms, that are still doing great as ever!

Before you can freeze greens you have to blanch them, first by putting them in boiling water for a few minutes and then transferring them to ice water to stop the cooking. Since i use my food saver i have to freeze them on a pan first for an hour and then i put them in food saver bags and vacuum seal them, label and pop back in the freezer. If you are wondering i LOVE the food saver, i'm a little bit suspicious of freezers in general so its such a necessity.
Happy Spring!

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