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Sunny Arizona

Can i just move here now please?! i met a friend for lunch yesterday and she described this wonderful place as paradise. I couldn't agree more. the only thing that would make it more enjoyable would be an ocean, and well we all know that's California. I have had a fabulous week with a sister-in-law that is more like my sister and a sister-in-laws sister-in-law who we just decided to call each other sister-in-laws. confused yet? :)

Aunt Angela has been having fun with the kiddos and in the picture below we see what happens when i'm left alone with the kids... Who knew that one teeny little chocolate egg could make such a mess. Michelle had to run into a store and i sat in the van watching a movie with the kids and E started fussing for mom, i decided to bribe all three with a treat. Bad idea. about 5 minutes later A yells from the back "UH OH". at that point i scrambled to the back and scrubbed him clean with wet wipes before it could be revealed how bad of an aunt i am. :)

look closely there is chocolate on his foot...
We went to Ikea, i bought too much, but what's new.
This little boy is so cute!
Yesterday we went to Scottsdale and i had my first Sprinkles cupcake! it was delish :)

and last night Andrea, Andrew and i went to the Mesa LDS Temple. it was a nice peaceful evening. a great end to my trip. I leave later today to go back to KC. i guess i'll just have to dream about AZ for a few years...

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