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Michael Smith

For Matt's birthday we decided to try a new KC restaurant. I have heard rave reviews about Michael Smith, which is downtown in the crossroads district, so we went there. I have a few stipulations when I pay more than $15 for an entree, well even when I pay less, but the menu must be creative- i.e have things I have never heard of or combinations I would have never thought of. I hate, I repeat HATE when I go some place that has all the meats and then all the sauces and you have to choose what goes with what- in my opinion that is WAY too much choice, I'm not a chef and they are- so you put it together and bring it to me and make it taste fabulous. So really i'm not asking for much- just dazzle my tastebuds. :)

The good news is Michael Smith did just that. One of my new favorite spots in the metro. Well done Mr. Smith.

The Birthday boy had their slow-roasted pork which as just amazing.
I had the walleye with morell sauce, which was great- i was really impressed with the waiter when i asked for reccomendations and he said the walleye, i said that i had been looking at that but i really didn't like polenta (which is the side it was supposed to come with) and without hesitation he said oh we can change that to risotto or another side. I of course got the risotto and was very pleased.
If you want a nice night out in Kansas City, Michael Smith is your ticket to a great dinner!

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