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The Graduate

I always knew that the day would come 6 years after i graduated high school and 2 years after i was finished with college when my brother would graduate high school, but it still seems a little bit surreal. I came in Thursday and the festivities have been happening all weekend. Last night my dad and Michelle hosted an open house for Andrew and two of his friends- Brad & Austin. I helped with some of the food and getting the tables decorated for the party, all decked out in Blue & Gold, our high school's color we were very festive! The other mom's brought food as well and i loved Austin's mom adorable graduation cap chocolates, suckers & mints.

This morning he graduated and it was a wonderful ceremony with two great speakers. It brings back memories for sure. Oh and p.s since i was in Nashville i went to see my favorite hair stylist- Gordon, and got a new do, apparently i might resemble lady gaga now?? the people sitting behind us in graduation asked me if i had ever been told that before- um No that's a first, it must be the bangs...
Angela Black made all these cute little treats, i just loved them!

i made these little guys again and they were a hit.
i used fabric from JoAnn for the table linens and then decorated with small vases of white gerber daisies all around the serving area.

Austin, Chris, Brad & Andrew
SO many people showed up at their open house- here are just a few..

Fun with cousins...
Andrew, Me & Mom

And he gets the diploma!

Doug, Mom, Andrew, Mamam & Pappy (mom's parents)
us again... oh and i felt like this occasion was deserving of some new clothes so i made both the dresses i'm wearing in these photos.
Papah, Andrew & Mimi (dad's parents)
Andrew & little sis Hollyanne

Brad, Andrew, Austin

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