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Happy Birthday Matty!

Today is a special day. Boy i'm sure glad he was born :)
Happy Birthday Matty.

Here's to the man who paints kitchen cabinets, makes ottomans and never complains. To the guy who makes me laugh every day, tells me I'm cute and endures all my cooking experiments. He became a dog person, a fashion guy and theater go-er. He sits through chick flicks and let me turn our entire finished basement into my studio. He might be the most unselfish person i know, actually i'm darn sure of it. He's taken me to Costa Rica, Brazil and New York and the past three years we have lived in Florida, Rhode Island and Kansas City. He's a do-er a go getter and so smart. He's creative, even though he doesn't think he is. He's wildly successful, although he would never tell you. He hates public praise, so sorry Matty- but you deserve it. So here's to the man who i spend every day with and love every minute. To the only person i could ever live with and to the one who will be there for me no matter what. You're amazing. Thanks for picking me. :)

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