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Little Red Convertible...

I was driving down the road the other day and this little red eos was in front of me. I instantly let out a big sigh. I once had a little red convertible and it was so fun. Her name was Chloe and oh how i miss that girl. We had some good times.

Car in front of me:My cute Chloe the cabrio. She came into my life after my first car had been totaled (not my fault) and then she took me all the way to Rhode Island for school. Together we got lost in New York, and weathered many a New England blizzard, but as soon as the thermometer read 60 degrees her rag top was down and we were breezing through the hills of Prov. I really really wish i hadn't sold this car. seriously she was so much fun. One day i will have another convertible!

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