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Mother's Day Getaway

I know everyone loves the beach, but seriously I LOVE going to the beach. I love the red shoulders, and the fresh seafood, the sand in your toes and hearing the crashing waves as you're reading a book. At this point I'm not sure if I'll ever live a step away from the sand, which is fine, I just need to get to a beach at least twice a year, this is now mandatory. This trip was especially fun because Michelle & I talk, no not just a conversation here and there- i mean constant talking. I think we might have talked for 30 hours or more, I didn't even finish the book i brought, and I was half-way done before we arrived! It was a great little getaway- HUGE kudos go to Andrew (Michelle's husband) whose idea it was to begin with. You are a smart man.
Here are some fun photos

Michelle arrived in KC on Thursday night, so we got to give her a little tour and go to dinner before we headed out the next morning.
The shells on Sanibel are just amazing.
Beach Sunset

The wildlife in Florida is so fun. Below a Jellyfish and i'm guessing crab of somesort.
I didn't actually get to see this cute little guy, but Michelle snapped this on her way to the room to go grab something. SO cute!
One of our favorite things was that while we were sitting in our lounge chairs soaking up the sun there were lots of pelicans and little white birds fishing for breakfast and then again they would come back for lunch. Watching them fly around and then dive into the water and then gulp down their lunch was very entertaining!
One of the evenings we went back over the bridge to Ft.Myers to eat dinner, and on our way we saw all of these windsurferers and parsurfers, it looked way too hard for me to want to attempt, but very cool.
And we learned that in Florida people love to decorate in local flair. Here are some mailboxes- all on the same street!

It's really fun to have a sister-in-law who might as well be my sister. I see many fun trips in our future!

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