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Fun with Friends

Saturday after getting home from camp i went strait to the shower and then crashed in my bed. It was a glorious afternoon of peaceful & much needed sleeping, however when i woke up i was a little sad that Matt was still in North Carolina and decided to call a friend to hang out. Something about being around 160 people for an entire week just kept me from being happy to be alone. So i picked up dinner and headed over to Jen's at which point i remembered that the 18th street fashion show as going on. Jen's up for anything so we got her kids ready for bed and then headed down to the crossroads. I've been in Kansas City for 2 years now and this was my first time at the show, i was very impressed with the setup and stage (although i wish the runway would have been a little taller for us in the back) but all in all in was a fun event, maybe if next year's show isn't the day i get back from camp i'll put in my application to show. The 18th street fashion show is ALL local designers, which is pretty awesome. After the show we went down to my favorite mexican ice cream shop and had delicious frozen treats :)
Thanks Jen for being spontaneous!
Then on Tuesday night a few of the leaders who went to camp got together to go get pedicures and have a "de-brief" session about the past week. I think we all decided it's a new tradition-- Post Camp Pedicures! :)

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