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Girls Camp 2010

It's been a while since this blogger has been active and i apologize, but i do have a good excuse. I am the girls camp director for my church and camp was last week. We had about 110 girls and 50 leaders and we had a blast. It was ,of course, very exhausting and a lot of work- but so worth it. Our theme was 'Anchored in Faith', which lent itself to all kinds of cute things, especially the shirts, which are fabulous if i don't say so myself (i designed them).

We kicked off the week with just the older girls who would be the youth leaders for the week and we do a ropes course and some other leadership training. I have to say i have done a lot of leadership training in my day and a lot of ropes courses but this one was really the most intense i have ever seen. It was so cool that the four leaders who took the girls over to the course decided to join in (including me). About halfway through i was re-thinking my decision, but we were very happy when we all finished- and sore.

Before we went up on the ropes they had us practice certain skills that would be important.
Climbing up!

This was my first year as camp director and one of the changes we made was to Tuesday night's "skit" night. In the past the young women have had to come up with a skit before camp in their different wards. (a ward is similar to a parish in the mormon church) This year we decided to do a lip sync and there was no preparation before hand- we actually told them that the activity was "Top Secret" and at 5:00 they all met at the fire ring and were given their "top secret mission" which included 2 songs, lyrics and a bag of props. They had to choose one of the two songs and then prepare a lip sync to preform that evening. It was SUCH a fun night.
One of my favorite moments of camp was right before we began the performances i decided to put on some music as everyone was getting settled in their seats- i made the great choice of playing Taylor Swift's "LoveStory" and the entire room full of 110 girls started singing it at the top of their lungs- especially at the end when it says "Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone" it was SO cute.
With some of my fellow stake leaders we decided that we should kick-off the night with "This ones for the girls" by Martina McBride, it was very well recieved. :)
Our playlist for the night went like this:
Halo/Walking on Sunshine-Glee Version
Our Lips are Sealed
Dancing Queen
You Can't Stop the Beat
We're all in this Together
Hoedown Throwdown
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Uptown Girl
Popular- wicked

Margaret's little girl was our camp "mascot" always making everyone smile. Little Lydia is so cute!
Margaret & I
Parkville ward was so cute and during they week they would "heartattack" different leaders. They wrote the cutest little notes and then taped them all over our bodies in a sneak attack. Below is Katie, the assistant camp director and then the series of photos of my heart attack! :)

The last day at camp we had a quick rain shower which was follow by a gorgeous rainbow. Just one more sign to the girls that their Heavenly Father loves them.
As much as i seriously HATE to camp, especially in heat and where bugs are present, i know that girls camp is so beneficial for the young women in our church. They gain stronger testimonies and learn more fully that their Heavenly Father loves them and that they are special. I know that girls camp is an inspired program and that it's worth all the time and effort we put in. :)

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