Memorial Day Weekend - Handmade in the Heartland

Memorial Day Weekend

I have been quite the absent blogger this week, and for that i am sorry. It seems that being girls camp director for my church is more than a lot of work. I have also been having extremely good days at the farmers markets. Last summer i did the city market on Saturdays, and in addition to that i have added Briarcliff's smaller market on Thursdays. Needless to say the 11 bags i made last week sold out last Saturday and i had to spend time this week that i didn't really have on more bags and headbands. I promise i'm not complaining because of the 22 bags i finished on Thursday morning i only have 9 left, and although i am so tired right now (9pm on Saturday) i am so grateful for the great sales!

So on to blog a few photos from last weekend. Our amazing office manager for Precise Kansas City, Deanna, had some of the sales reps & us over for a BBQ and swimming at her neighborhood pool. We love and hate summers around here, we love them because we get fun sales reps that come to work for Matt, the days are longer and i am so productive and all the other reasons that you love summer, but we hate summer because it means way more stress and work for Matty. We have very seasonal lives. It's really nice to have days when we are all at the pool and just having summer fun. Here are a few photos...

Deanna and her cute daughter Rihanna
Boys & Tessa in the pool
cute Mike & Tessa
Matty jumping in the "cannonball competition"
-Funny Story- When Matt and i first met five years ago one of the first times we hung out was at my uncle's house ( i was house sitting ) and i had all of his friends (pest control salesmen) over to swim and have dinner. Matt really wanted to impress me so he jumped as high as he could and the landed flat on his back- backflop! OUCH! he was hurting pretty bad after's still a funny thing we talk about :)
Nate doing his awesome jump
and Mike Lee
as we were leaving we noticed this sign that someone had some fun with...

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