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A new set of books...

There are a new set of books on my nightstand and i couldn't be more thrilled! On Monday night we finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to Europe for October. We are flying in to London and from there going to Paris, then to Luxembourg, Stuttgart, Germany (where the porsche factory is-i think my husband is most excited about this stop) then we will go through switzerland and then on to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & the french riveria and finally ending in Barcelona and flying home. I tried to copy the map from google maps with our route but it wouldn't let me. I've been dying to go back to Europe since the day i stepped off the plane from my first trip in 2004 & Paris has been on my list since i could speak.
I'll tell you a little story. When i was a junior in college i decided to intern in New York for the winter term and as it turned out several of my friends took the study abroad photography in Paris- living in Paris for 6 weeks. Ever since then i have been a little sore about the fact that i didn't get to go. I have envisioned eating crepes and cheese at little sidewalk cafes and meandering through the louvre since i took french class in high school. Let's just say
i. cannot. wait.
i have a lot of planning to do! :)

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