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Our Little Jill

One of the most fun things about having a little dog is the prospect of dog clothes. However our little Jill HATES wearing clothes, at first it was a little disappointing but i got over it. Well on Friday I was at PetSmart and i just could not pass up this cute little sailor dress. Isn't she the cutest thing ever!

Since i'm already devoting a whole post to this little pup i'll tell you a few things she's been up to lately. Jill doesn't really chew things up- but she does have a select few items she really loves to destroy. First it was headphones- i think we have probably bought around 6 pairs of ear buds, a lot of it was our fault because we kept leaving them out but once my nightstand drawer was only cracked and she dug a pair out. seriously she is very crafty. Last week Matt was noticing that the buttons on his precise polos were missing, almost every single button and then i found a few button pieces on the floor, then Saturday morning when i went to put on my shorts i realized that the buttons that held all my belt loops down were gone! totally gone! i guess she likes buttons now.

Jill is also really funny when she gets a new toy or bone. She will not rest until the bone is devoured or the toy is destroyed. We are in constant search around here for a toy that will last more than a few hours, so when i was at petsmart on Friday they had a new kong toy and i bought it. She gets so in to playing with the new toy i had to take a picture, she kept dropping it in front of me and panting after bouts of ripping it around. Needless to say that my hopes were dashed and about 3 hours later the squeaky part in the middle was out of it's casing. The search continues...
In all seriousness i am very grateful for my two pups. They make me very happy at the most unexpected times- like when we went for a short walk and Jill's extremely long tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth so far that i thought it was dragging along the ground and i couldn't help from laughing out loud. They say people with pets live longer and i believe it :)

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