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Saturday Nights...

I know it's summer when i'm eating at chain restaurants that i really don't like. ha! For those of you who don't know, my husband owns a pest control company and every summer we bring in a team of sales reps. The sales team is a hard working bunch and Saturday night we all get together and go out to eat, the only downside is the only places that we end up going to are places i wouldn't step foot in otherwise. :) i know i'm such a food snob. However i bite my tounge and go- only through the summer, and i do always enjoy myself, it's fun to be with the entire team. Saturday was Nate's birthday and we went to texas roadhouse, which by the way if your a vegetarian- i wouldn't recommend it. One of the really fun things about this summer is we have way more married reps than we have ever had in the past- which means i have some fun wives to hang out with!

Nate & Mallory
Mike & Tessa
Us. He hates pictures, can you tell??
Cammi & Jesse
All the cute girls :)

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