Sunday Sweets. Nate's birthday cake - Handmade in the Heartland

Sunday Sweets. Nate's birthday cake

Sunday Sweets- a few days late.
Last Saturday night after we went out to eat we came back and had cake and ice cream for Nate's birthday. He requested carrot cake, which i usually end up making once a summer for Billy's birthday (Matt's business partner) but since Billy is manning the North Carolina branch i hadn't made it yet. I was happy to fulfill his request. I found a new recipe online and i just loved it. I used the magnolia bakery cream cheese icing and it was just scrumptious. you can see the recipe HERE.
Then Sunday i had everyone over for dinner and cake for Mallory's birthday. Isn't that funny that this married couple is only 8 hours apart in age! Well my house was SO full- not just with the 13 people but we had a total of 5 dogs! Nate and Mallory have a little black lab mix- Scout, who Jack LOVES to play with and then while i was at girls camp Mallory and Cammi went looking for puppies and found some! They both got one from the litter- so now Nate and Mallory have Scout and Grits and Cammi and Jesse have little Ellie. I just want to eat these puppies up, they are SO cute. It makes me want a puppy- but then i remember my dogs are house trained and that is so nice :) But i love that they got puppies and i get to play with them!

little Ellie

Andrew (my little bro), Tim, Matty, & Jordan
Jack & Scout
Nate giving Mallory her birthday present- a gift card to a most amazing spa!
little Ellie sleeping under the bookshelves
little pup sisters

our cute little Jill

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