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11 weeks today

So officially on Sundays is when i turn over to the next week of pregnancy. Today marks the start of week 11. Matt downloaded an app on his phone that gives you a description of what is actually happening in there and it's kind of unbelievable. The baby is the size of a plum and already has all it's major organ systems- they are just teenie teenie tiny.

We watched Juno last night- i really love that movie, i had forgotten about the part where she is walking into the clinic and her classmate yells to her "your baby has fingernails!", for some reason this detail strikes Juno as amazing (because it is) and she decides to have the baby. This morning when we were reading about week 11- it said the baby has fingernails and toenails :)

I def. had a small surge of normal energy this week, which was such a relief. I got my basement cleaned, hosted sewing night and made a pattern for a car-seat cover, which i will be sharing soon. The nausea still comes and goes, but i'm trying to push through it- my #1 goal this week is to get to the gym again at least a few times and find a pre-natal yoga DVD. suggestions anyone??

I'm still hungry all the time, but i'm getting sick of food. In the past few weeks our dinners have been pretty lame- thank goodness i have a kind husband. Seriously my default "meal" has been a package of uncle ben's wild rice. But this week i did have enough energy to start cooking again and i made THIS chicken pasta from my friend Connie's blog. It was so delicious.

I go to the doctor on Thursday and i get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. We are very excited. :) That's all for now, i think it's time to take another nap :)

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