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Celebrating 3 Years

So it's been 2 weeks, but i've been busy sorry. Here are the photos from our anniversary. I forgot to take photos of the adorable vintage pyrex dishes Matt bought me- i was so impressed, but i think the best present of the whole days was his choice to leave his cell at home while we went and celebrated! It was amazing not having that going off every ten seconds, i was so grateful. He also picked up a gorgeous bouquet for me and was so thoughtful to have the florist put in flowers from my wedding bouquet. Yes he is very thoughtful :)

Matt came home early and we went to lunch at a place i had been meaning to check out for a while- Happy Gillis. It's kind of in a random area, but it's so cute and was so delish. A perfect brunch/lunch spot. Then we headed over to the best spa in Kansas City- The Spa Tuscano, which was so incredible and had massages. (Matty was very in need, it's been a stressful summer)
Let me just tell you, if you want to be pampered this is THE place to go. in one word- amazing.

Later we went up to Smithville to our favorite restaurant- Justus Drugstore, and had an oustanding meal. On our way home we were driving as the sun was setting and passing all kinds of corn fields- the setting was so pretty so we decided to stop and take some photos

look at that cute boy :)

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