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I'm meant to be a California Girl

I Love California, i always have. When it was time to start applying to colleges i sat down with my parents with my list of schools and all 13 of them were in California. My dad thought this was a little ridiculous and a few months later we made a trip to Boston and Rhode Island where i realized RISD was where i was supposed to be, however i have never lost the pull that the golden state has on me. It's not by coincidence we were married in San Diego and when i dream of an ocean front view i always picture it somewhere along the pacific coast. The last weekend in June my sisters-in-law and i made a trip out to the northern part of the state and had a blast. Above is outside the very interesting hotel we stayed in on Friday night. To my credit it was a fodor's top choice, but the walls in our room were paper thin and we were awakened at 1 in the morning to a coversation in the room next to us which sounded like it was taking place in our room. Quite the experience i will say, and a good memory made- i just don't plan on staying there again, it was all in the name of a good deal!
We met my friend McCall and her mom Wendy for breakfast before heading over to Oakland at my favorite bakery in SF- La Boulange. I had only been to the one on Polk street but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had expanded to locations all over the SF city.

My good friend Ryan from college was married to his cute bride Kelsey in the Oakland L.D.S temple on Saturday morning and i was so happy to be there. Ryan is such a great guy and i am SO glad he found such a cute girl! After the wedding we spent the rest of Saturday in SanFrancisco which was a treat.

No big city excursion is complete without a trip to H&M!

The reception for Ryan and Kelsey was later that evening and farther south in Menlo Park, by Palo Alto. As we were driving to and from the reception i was drooling at all the fabulous homes in the area. For Sale?! i think i'll take one please :)
me, Ryan & Kelsey
Ryan played voilin and Kelsey played Piano to the wedding march, it was so cute!

After the reception we drove another hour south to Salinas where Matt's grandparents live. It was so nice to have a comfortable, quiet place to sleep- after our hotel experience, and even nicer to have such wonderful hosts. Grandma and Grandpa Muir were so nice to show us around the area- we went down 17 mile drive at pebble beach and into Carmel- which i loved. At their house Grandpa has an amazing garden full of so many different fruit trees you can imagine. He says it keeps him alive and i can believe it!

Michelle, Me & Kylie at Pebble Beach
all of us together
Beautiful Pacific Blue

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