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This Eggo is Preggo

So you want details. here are a few tidbits from the last 10 weeks. :)

Yes i am feeling nauseated, but i am very grateful i have not thrown up. i hate to throw up. ew. and in the last few days i have been feeling like the fog is lifting a little. i have some of my energy back and motivation to do things- which is a complete change from the last month.

I found out while i was at girls camp on June 11th. I wasn't feeling well and couldn't sleep so at 2:30 in the morning i crept out of my tent and walked up to the lodge with a test, and low and behold it said "pregnant"! i sat there for a good 2 minutes staring at it, wondering if i was dreaming. And of course i took another one on Saturday when i got home to be sure. I waited till Sunday when Matt got back in town to tell him.

That next week i called and made my first Dr. appointment, went and purchased the most disgusting prenatal vitamins, which said i needed to take 5 a day. yes this is ridiculous and they were huge and i hate swallowing big pills. since then i have switched to a one a day vitamin.

I am constantly hungry. seriously. i eat and then two hours later i am famished. the only good thing about this is that if i keep food in my stomach the icky feeling stays away. I guess this is why i have already gained 5 pounds. Those books that say you shouldn't gain anything in the first 12 weeks are crap.

I want Kraft Macaroni and Cheese everyday. no joke. it just sounds so good. (and this is not something i would ever imagine eating unless under dire circumstances)

The little bean is 10 weeks. My official due date is Feb 13th. (might as well be V-day)

Since June 11th i haven't sewn one stitch, the house has been in the worst state (and i don't even have kids yet!) and i have done more TV watching-couch sitting than a high school kid on summer break. But again, i finally am feeling just in the past 3 days that the fog is lifting. YAY!

I guess this explains to everyone why:
i haven't been blogging frequently
We booked a trip to Europe (the last hooray)
i didn't join my family to the Pittsburg reunion
and why i can't stop eating...

And i'm sorry to anyone who is not into baby stuff, but this blog is about to turn baby crafty real quick :)

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