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where to stay...

All morning i have been working on getting hotels booked for our Europe trip. I finally nailed down where we will be each day and how long our drive time will be and i have the trip broken down so that we really won't be traveling more than 3 hours by car a day- the last half of the trip. the first half we'll be in London and Paris and then we'll take off by car. I have to say that i LOVE fodors.com for all their wonderful hotel recommendations in an affordable price range.

I am also a member of Jetsetter.com, that i am always oogling all the gorgeous hotels and getaways they feature at discounted prices (they are all luxury so most of the time the prices are really "discount") However it just so happened that they had an amazing Barcelona hotel as well as a resort in Cannes that was in our price range and i was able to book!! If you want to be invited to be a member of jetsetter just let me know and i'll send you an invite from my account. It's a really fun site to look at even if you don't book anything.

Here are some photos of the hotels i've booked so far...

On our way from Provence to Barcelona we are going to stay half way in Narbonne, France at the Hotel La Residence. You can see their website HERE.

I was so happy to see this hotel on Jetsetter for Barcelona. We are also staying here just one night, but the price was amazing at $114 (with taxes!) , when i was looking on fodors there were hardly any budget hotels in that price range, and they for sure didn't look as swank as this one :) click HERE for the Hotel's website.

Up next the hotel i'm looking forward to the most, the Palais Stephanie in Cannes, France. It looks so ultra-chic that i'm still amazed jetsetter's price was in our budget! ok so it was a tad bit over our budget, but i saved money on other hotels so the $165 a night i could totally swing. Tell me it doesn't look so incredible. It will be fun to feel a little glamours while vacationing 2 nights along the french riveria. :) you can see the hotels website HERE

The last hotel i booked this morning was our 3 night Paris leg. I tell you i have been looking for a decent, budget hotel in Paris for 2 weeks now and i finally came up with this one. One of my requirements for our stay was that we needed to be close to the attractions- Louvre, Siene, etc. and this hotel has a perfect location. It's for sure not a luxury hotel, but it looks clean and neat and for the price i couldn't beat the location. I was really upset because my first choice hotel THIS one was already sold out, big bummer. But i think hotel Londres Saint Honore will be just perfect. You can see their website HERE.
the little blue * is the hotel's location.

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