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12 weeks

So i'm at 12 weeks, only 28 more to go... that seems like forever.
Monday i had a really great day. I felt back to my normal self, full of energy and totally motivated to get things done. So what did i do? i cleaned my house and then pulled out my freezer meal cookbook and went to the store and bought enough ingredients to make 8 freezer meals. I got the kitchen ready and decided to start first thing Tuesday morning. Bad idea. Tuesday i couldn't even get out of bed. It was maybe my sickest day yet. What the Heck!? so mad. The rest of the week was pretty decent and i had plenty of energy to pull off Super Saturday lunch. Basically i feel like i must be almost over the sick-y days, i hope anyway. I feel like good days are coming more often and i'm quite happy with that. i still haven't made all those freezer meals, i really need to get on that.

on another note my face is breaking out like a teenager and i'm sick of it. There is a huge one right under my nose that hurts like the dickens. these hormones need to get under control.

Thursday we went to the Dr.- it was the first time i met my doctor, and we got to hear the heartbeat! It was a really quick visit, i think we waited in the room for the dr. longer than she actually met with us. typical. but hearing that little bean beat was pretty awesome. it was quieter and slower than i thought it would be, but she said everything was great.

Food. Oh FOOD. i have a love-hate relationship with you. I am so SICK of eating. I eat all the time, and i'm getting really bored with all the quick snacks i fix. A really funny thing about food this week is i seem to really want a certain food very badly if i see it on TV. For instance we were watching Rizzoli and Isles (a new cop show, i love cop shows) and Rizzoli had a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. I knew i had to have one. i dreamt about it that night and the next day i went to HyVee and bought some fluff to try it out. I highly recommend it. We've been finishing up gossip girl season 2 and they always seem to have these amazing catered breakfasts- with pastries and the like, it seems i really need a caterer because i haven't been able to find anything at my local grocer to satisfy this craving yet...

Lets for a second talk about my amazing, outstanding, so wonderful husband. We were watching tv late one night and all of the sudden (with no hint from the tv) i wanted a belgian waffle SO BAD. i turned to him and said
"you know what sounds so good?"
to which he responded "What?"
"A belgian waffle"
" a WHAT?"
"You know the waffles they have at hotels"
"And how do you propose i make you one of those"
"we have a waffle maker, we just don't have any mix"
"well how can i make it then"
"i guess you'll have to make it from scratch"
He then proceeded to look up a recipe on his phone, get out all the ingredients and mix up a batch of belgian waffles from scratch at 11:30 pm at night.
i told you he was amazing. bless him for who knows what he's in for in the next 28 weeks. :)
It was the best waffle of my life. :)

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