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13 Weeks

Yesterday i hit the 13 week mark, and this morning i threw up for the first time. Not Pretty.
I have also been getting really lightheaded and hot the past few mornings, which i would attribute to not eating, but it happens right after i eat breakfast. very strange.

It is so strange the things that my body is doing. I am def. not as nauseous all the time, and i have some of my energy back, but lat week i had a headache almost everyday- and Tuesday after I had been out and about, taking a friend to lunch for her birthday and running other random errands i had a massive headache- i think possibly a migraine, all night. I decided it must be because of the ridiculous heat and the bright sun in my eyes. The rest of the week i tried to stay inside, which is kind of a big bummer since i love to lay at the pool- I am SO pasty white and so sad that my tan plan went out the window.
This quite possibly might be the first time in my life that I am longing for fall.

As for food cravings this week was a mix of candy and casseroles. not together of course.
i checked out a few new cookbooks at the library, one of which is a blue ribbon cookbook- 700 recipes from first prize fair winning dishes. There are no pictures, but everything sounds so comfort food delicious. Last night i made a hamburger casserole- yes that does sound disgusting, but it really just tasted like a fancier hamburger helper. It's so strange because i would NEVER make something so normal- but what can i say i have totally different food desires these days. Also i want candy- starbursts in particular, but after i eat like 4 i feel disgusting and then a few hours later i eat more and then feel disgusting again. When will i learn??

My cute sister-in-law Sheena is also preggo right now, well she's due like any day, and i was looking at pictures from her shower- which i really wish i could have attended, and her belly is SO huge! i kept staring at it trying to comprehend that belly on me, but i just can't fathom that i am going to be that big. i mean really, how does that happen??

All in all last week was pretty uneventful. The only thing really happening this week is that Matt is going out of town again- which i always dread. I can never sleep the first 2 nights he's gone, so annoying. Also, i have a few projects that should be finishing up this week that i can share with you all, so stay tuned :)

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