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15 Weeks

I never got around to a 14 week update so this will cover the last two weeks. At long last we took a photo of the growing bump. Let's not even talk about the breakdown i had this morning because i thought these photos on the camera screen were the worst possible things i have ever seen and i bawled for about 20 minutes. Matt asked if he needed to take off work for the day. I finally got over it and when i got home this evening and looked at them on my computer i realized they weren't that bad. sorry Matty, i guess thats what they call pregnancy hormones :). Mainly i think this stage is so ugly because it's not really that noticeable that its a really baby bump, it just looks like i gained too much weight. As a friend used to say in college-Fat Girl Friday. Also pictured in the photo- our crib! it came in and we put it together Friday and i LOVE it! As soon as i find out the gender i'm going to be making a crib set.

The past two weeks have been quite the roller coaster. As soon as i hit 13 weeks i started throwing up in the mornings. It hasn't been every morning, its completely unpredictable and its disgusting. i hate it. Matt went out of town for a week and while he was gone i did nothing but watch the second season of bones (which btw is so good!) and lay on the couch. Thank heavens for instant netflix. i have also been feeling like i have low blood sugar and my doctor just said today that i need to be more vigilant about eating some type of protein with every meal. I'm also having this itching urge to purge my house of anything and everything we don't use, a complete de-clutter clean out before the baby comes. Matt is not so excited about this project.

The biggest event that happened was the falling incident last week. I debated whether i would put the entire story on my blog and i decided to. It's pretty hilarious, but if you happen to be a dog hater you might not like the story very much. So heres what happened. Jill, my 8lb jack russell/chihuahua mix, really needed a bath, like needed a bath a week ago and i had been putting it off. So after days of pushing her away from me because she was stinky i broke down and instead of giving her a bath like i normally do i just said what the heck i'll throw her in the shower with me and get it done.
I probably should have stopped right there and realized this was a bad idea. Jill hates baths and being wet (i'm convinced she has cat in her somewhere) and even when all my attention is on her in the normal bath situation she somehow manages to get out sometimes, but i wasn't really thinking clearly i guess. Anyhow i got us both in the shower, had her shampooed down and started shampooing myself when some how she managed to get my glass sliding shower door pried open with her paws/nails that need to be trimmed.
You can imagine what happened next, soapy dog running around my upstairs, me dripping wet with shampoo in my hair running after her. I catch her, and as i am quickly walking back to the shower i realize about 4 seconds too late that there is a ton of water on my linoleum directly in front of my shower and the speed at which i'm walking is too fast, and BAM my legs came out from under me. i managed to land on the side of my rump instead of my tail bone which i feel was a good thing, and it didn't really hurt all that bad. I guess the worst thing was as soon as i landed i started picturing the desperate housewives episode where pregnant Gaby falls down the stairs and has a miscarriage. so of course i start to freak out. needless to say i called Matt and then my sister-in-law and then the doctor and everything is totally fine, and trust me i will not be showering with my dogs again anytime soon.

My birthday was also last week, but that deserves another post entirely:) Hope you are all having a happy Monday!

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