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16 Weeks

Well its been another hum drum kind of week. Nothing huge has been happening around here and i still feel about the same as i have the past two weeks. As soon as i think that the throwing up stage is over- i throw up again. seriously that needs to stop. Although i did force myself to get Tiffany's crib set finished and deliver a dozen coffee bean totes to urban- but mainly because i had a deadline of Friday and i had no choice. :) oh the things we can accomplish under a deadline.

We have been thinking a lot about names- we really like Max for a boy and June for a girl. but who knows what other names we'll come up with in the next 6 months.

I can't believe it's September tomorrow! it's starting to cool off (meaning not in the 90's everyday) here in KC and we took some time to do some outside things last week- picnic at the park and then an adventure into a very old very small MO town- post to come sometime today.

As far as pregnancy things that are happening- i am about ready to rip off my nose. Seriously the nasal congestion is killing me, and you think i would be used to it since normally i can't breathe through my nose at night (or when i'm laying down), but this all day stuffy nose situation is enough to drive you to drink, i swear. The other night as i lay there unable to breathe through my nose and having to blow it every couple minutes i made a resolution-I WILL go see a ENT doc as soon as pregnancy is over and he can take Xrays and tell me what is up with my nose, because i can't take it anymore.

I have also been having this really intense need to de-clutter and re-organize and make room for the bean. When we moved into our 3 bedroom house i dedicated 1 of the spare rooms to be a guest room and then the other left empty- for the nursery. However i used up all 3 closets with mine and Matt's stuff. i have basement closets that are also full of stuff and i'm realizing that kids usually have a lot of stuff and i have no room for it! ah! how did that happen? so the de-clutter project began on Sunday when i decided that i would go back to storing off season clothes under the bed and try and pair down 3 closets to 1. well i didn't quite make it to 1-more like 1 and then half of the guest closet, but thats half of the space freed up and i am quite pleased with my closet. I added hooks on the walls for my bags, and it always feels good to clean out the closet. :)

Right now we are in Raleigh, NC - Matt had to come over for work again and i finally got to come along. :) I haven't seen much yet, but i'll be exploring and taking lots of photos- posts soon to come i'm sure.

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