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am i really 24??

I'm a big fan of kate spade. It's probably my favorite brand and currently i am drooling over a diaper bag that is way out of my budget. Its a good thing that my Matty knows me well because the above photo is what he got me for my birthday, and some really cute limited edition champion spectator keds. I am in love with my new purse, which i think is the perfect size for everyday & travel, big enough to fit what you need but not too big to feel like your carrying a tank, and the gold is the perfect flash for fall.

I turned 24 last Thursday and i still feel like when people ask me how old i am i should say 21. Is there an age for other people that for some reason you just think of yourself as that number even though you are past it? I guess i still feel like i'm "college age" even though my little brother just moved in and started his college life. I guess having a baby will move me out of that phase of life, we shall see.

So for the national holiday that is my birthday, of course Matty took off of work and we had a fun day running to and fro doing fun things. I felt good all day, i guess that was the bean's gift to me. We started out with our first try of First Watch, a breakfast place. These days i've been really into breakfast food- it just sound so good, and first watch did not dissapoint.
i got eggs, biscuits and gravy and hash browns. yes i ate all of it. :)
and Matty got french toast
After that we went shopping at the plaza where i picked up a new wall calendar, Academic year style- August thru Dec of next year, its my favorite type, and a new planner. I love calendars and planning :) We went over to the cute square at Lee's Summit and visited a famous ice cream place called Poppy's. It was good old fashioned homemade tasting ice cream, very tasty, but maybe not worth the trip all the way out there, we were already headed that way so it made sense but i think Murray's is just as good.

oh and btw i hate all photos of me right now. i felt like omitting them from this post wouldn't be the right thing to do, but to be honest i hate me in all of them. i'm just way too pale for summer. I guess thats what happens when you cant go outside because you get a headache.

After ice cream and some window shopping we headed over to Powell gardens and walked around the beautiful botanical gardens and took some great photos that i will hopefully have time to turn into a few oil paintings. After that we went home and i had a few more birthday presents to open from family who had sent them in the mail. (i love presents) and then we went out to Aixois for dinner, which about halfway through i started to feel sick so we kind of rushed to get our check and head out. I really wasn't to upset since i had been feeling good the entire day, it was almost expected. It was such a fun day with my amazing husband who never ceases to surprise me.

And then when i thought that the celebrating was over my friend Margaret surprised me! She had called me on my birthday and asked me if i could stop by the next day at noon because she had something for me. I had taken her to lunch for her birthday so i figured we were probably going to go to lunch, well i was surprised when i pulled up and so many of our friends cars were in her driveway! Margaret made the cutest lunch- chicken salad on croissants, chocolate covered strawberries and my favorite Magnolia cupcakes. I was thinking about this cute surprise party and realized that i have been so blessed to find such great friends here in Kansas City and i know its one of the reasons i enjoy living here so much. I mean its one thing for your husband to plan something great but it was like that moment that i realized i have real friends here in KC and i am so happy for that, So a big thanks to Margaret and everyone for coming, you all made me feel so loved :)

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