Yogurtini - Handmade in the Heartland


Another fun way to beat the heat has popped up in Kansas City and it is needed for sure! Yesterday i really wasn't in the sun all that long- just enough time to run in and out of my car but i had the most massive headache ALL day and it wouldn't go away. and yes i did drink like 2 gallons of water. SO Today I've decided i'm not going out. However if you are out, and happen to be around zona rosa you should stop at Yogurtini, another knock-off of the famous pinkberry, nonetheless delicious. It's self-serve and priced by the ounce and they have a variety of flavors- i still somehow always opt for the traditional plain that is a little tart, but so good.

So while i stay in today and get projects done- organizing, cleaning, crafting, etc. i made a little playlist of my favorite summer tunes. Maybe they will make your day inside a little more bearable as well. :)

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