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ELF Cosmetics Review

At some point last year, when i was trying to keep up with two blogs (my old bride blog and this one) My friend Margaret gave me a tip to look into ELF (eyes lips face) cosmetics and I made a post about their fabulous prices and great products. I thought it would be worth repeating since i tend to use atleast one thing from my very large batch of products that i ordered last year. First of all who has ever heard of good makeup brushes for $1-$3!! i used to be a loyal supporter of MAC, and i still use their eyeshadow, but if you compare their eyeshadow brushes which range from $12-$22 PER brush to these ELF brushes that are only $1, and the fact that i have been using them and although they might be a cheap price have proved to me that they can handle good use, i say why would you buy anything else??? I love these cheap makeup brushes that have not fallen apart with everyday use. I purchased the $12 complete set of 12 cosmetic brushes and as i have said, was not disappointed. I also liked their mineral foundations, it was a small container, but for only $5 was great, and i'm out and seriously need to get some more.

I'm also am a big fan of their nail polish for again ONLY $1, i wore the bubble gum pink on my toes all summer and i'm thinking about making the chocolate or the plum my new fall color. Whats your favorite fall polish?

Basically i'm one of those girls who hates to spend money on makeup- take me to a fabric store and i'll drop a 100 bucks, but when it comes to spending $40 on something so small it just gets me down, so i usually try to find deals on certain items in my makeup bag- like brushes, mascara, powder, nail polish & every once in a while blush and ELF is a great option for good cheap cosmetics. enjoy! :)

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