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Lexington, Missouri

So i bought this book called day trips from kansas city when we moved here two years ago and i haven't been the best at using it to explore our little area of the midwest, so Saturday we didn't have any plans and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to break it open. I decided that Lexington looked like a fun little nook to see so we headed out. It's only an hour drive, however if you ask Matt he might exaggerate and act like it took all day, and it was entertaining for about 2 hours and then we headed home. I will have to say it was a fun afternoon but it reminded me how grateful i am that i don't live in such a small town, so far away from a city, i think i might die. There is some cute antique stores, gorgeous antebellum homes and a battlefield and that's about it. But it was worth the drive just to find the steal of a coat that i came home with- its circa 1960's with a real mink collar for only $25!! i can't wait to wear it around Paris :)

The Battle of Lexington during the Civil War took place here and they say that it's the only civil war battlefield that hasn't been changed or built up since it took place.

I loved this antique store.. and the cute coat i found!

i was very tempted to buy this adorable vintage girl scout uniform, however since i won't be wearing it anytime soon i decided against it- but its just so cute!
As we were walking down Main street we stopped at a real estate agent's window and looked at some of the listings- our jaw dropped at how cheap these gorgeous fully restored 1900's homes were, and then we reminded ourselves- we are in the middle of nowhere, population 4,000. I'm sure its a great place to live if you like small towns, but its just not for me- so i guess i'll pay more...

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