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18 Weeks

It's 18 weeks today and i definitely have a bump and don't fit in many of my clothes.
I did some shopping this week, because lets face it, i want to buy an entire new wardrobe but i have to keep repeating my mantra "i'm going to Europe" and that keeps me from spending too much. I bought a few tops at forever 21 which were surprisingly maternity-esque and then i used the gift card to Marshalls that my dad gave me for my birthday for 3 knit dresses- perfect for fall and galavanting around fun cities like Paris and Interlacken. I wore one of said knit dresses to church today, as you can see in the above photo- and can we just take a minute to talk about those boots, how glad am i that i purchased boots out of season in May at the Aldo outlet in Florida- i love them.

At this point i don't really love or hate pregnancy. I don't understand those people who say its just soo great, but i guess they don't ever throw up or feel like they just rode a bunch of fair rides after eating a funnel cake. I have to say i am so grateful i'm not as sick as my sister-in-law Michelle who threw up every 30 minutes for 14 weeks with her second-sheesh.

Currently i'm overwhelmed thinking and looking at baby stuff, because there is SO much and how do you know which bouncer seat is the best and do you really need a pack-n-play and which stroller should i get?! I decided i will start to really think about these things after the big trip- which is only a month from today!! I will also start reading the birthing chapters in my books after Europe, which to be honest the whole thing makes me squeamish and totally freaked out.

We had 2 of Matt's siblings and their families in town this week, Wed-Sun, and it has been quite the event. There are SO many photos to post and things to tell you about so i will be sure to start posting soon. But for now i'm exhausted from the marathon of fun so i'll be going to bed early tonight :)

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