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20 Weeks

Sorry i have been a bad blogger again this last week. I felt like i was constantly running to something every single day. I can't complain because i love to be busy and have fun things to do, i just feel bad i have waited almost a week to get these adorable ultra sound photos up!

Last week we went in for our Ultra Sound which was the most exciting thing thus far in the pregnancy. I've obviously known that there was a little babe growing inside this belly for a few months now but seeing that little profile up on the monitor all the sudden made it very very real and very very exciting. "There really IS a baby in there!"
(i guess i was still slightly worried that i might be one of those crazy ladies like on law and order, who want to be pregnant so their body acts like its pregnant but its really not, crazy i know)
We also found out that it's a BOY! which is what i was hoping for and i couldn't be more excited.
I can't believe that i'm halfway there! 20 weeks! crazy. the Dr. also confirmed that i have gained a total of 10 lbs so far which is good- not too much, it feels like it has def. evened out, like i gained a lot in the beginning, but not so much these past few weeks.

I am feeling worlds better, thank goodness. I have energy and i'm really starting to get the nesting itch- As soon as i got home from the dr. appt i ordered the robot prints for the wall in the nursery off etsy. They are Uber Cute and i can't wait for them to arrive. On Wednesday we painted the nursery, the guest bedroom and my bedroom! this will all be in my next post coming later today.
I went to a friends yard sale and we realized that her 3 year old was born the same month my little guy will be born and so all his clothes are perfect matches! i got 3 target bags full of adorable 2T sized clothes. Thanks Amber! I also found some cute little shorts on clearance at Target for $1! I love that i can buy clothes now! I also started making a few appliquéd onesies for our next sewing group and i think they turned out SO cute! I"ll be putting a tutorial up this week, but you can see the photo below. I have a lot to do in the next two weeks before we leave on our trip but i'm so glad i'm feeling so much better, everyone who told me it was a good time to go was SO right!

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